Gioja & Asociados is located in 610 Julio A. Roca Ave., a very traditional spot in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. We are located two blocks away from “Plaza de Mayo”, in one of the most antiques blocks of the City.

We are currently surrounded by several banks and Governmental Departments such as:

  • 1.   We are one block away from “SECLO - Ministerio de Trabajo” (Ministry of Employment)
  • 2.   Three blocks away from the “Inspección General de Justicia” (Superintendence of Corporations)
  • 3.   Next to “Defensa de la Competencia” (National Antitrust Department)
  • 4.   Few blocks away from “Palacio de Tribunales” (Judiciary District)
610 Julio A. Roca Av. 5º "B" - C.A.B.A. - Argentina - CP. 1067ABO - Phone. (+54 11) 4342-5653 | 4342-3021 - Fax. (+54 11) 4343-7957 -